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Hi there. My name is Jeremy Schwartz and you are currently browsing through my fancy website. Why is that? Most likely because you’re looking for a talented developer. It just so happens Iím looking for a badass project. Fate has obviously bought us together. Letís do this.

A little about me

Iím a well-seasoned creator of all things, Interweb. Iíve been a designer, developer, manager and for a short time, even a teacher. Iíve worn every hat on the rack and managed to do backflips while doing it.†I am disgusted by sloppy / lazy web design and I will spend the rest of my life fighting to destroy it! Join me in my battle.

A little about this site

Below youíll find some random stats about me. I track everything I do in life like itís some kind of micro Xbox Achievement. With the help of my smart phone and a few fancy pieces of software Iíve written, I can display all that data here. Whatís the point? There really isnít one. Just an example to show you the cool stuff I can make with you.

June 15, 2018 at 07:19PM
Toasty Subs
I feel like every person working at this Denney's has tried Meth at least once.


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